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Self Reliance Through Coffee

Igire Coffee Company was established as the next phase in Rwanda's coffee industry development. The mission of the company is to continue the evolution of Rwanda's coffee industry by adding value to the raw materials (green coffee) produced in Rwanda. Self-sufficiency through coffee is attained by processing and packaging coffee in Rwanda. By increasing the return on investment in Rwanda, the company is able to pay a higher premium to the women who plant, tend, harvest, transport, wash, and package the coffee.

Image by Jakub Dziubak


      RWANDA is a landlocked country in East Africa that suffered through a 100-day horrendous Tutsi Genocide in 1994, which left more than one million people dead. The aftermath was complete destruction, devastation, and utter hopelessness leaving women and children homeless and without an income. 

      Rwandan women were brought together by the newly formed Unity government initiated and supported program, designed to rebuild the coffee industry, provide unity and reconciliation through working jointly, and earning an income through the sale of coffee. 

Igire Coffee Company is the realization of unity and hard work by the women of Rwanda. For the past 28 years, they have worked tirelessly in perfecting the coffee beans through new techniques and processes. A superior grade specialty coffee has emerged. 

Igire translated as “self-reliance” is the next step in the development process. By adding value in Rwanda to coffee, we are able to earn a larger premium which allows for the women doing the heavy lifting to share in the profits. The result - “SELF-RELIANCE THROUGH COFFEE”. 

      Our coffee is grown, harvested, and processed by women throughout the entire value chain at an altitude of in excess of 2000 meters above sea level. The coffee cherries are organically grown in a temperate tropical highland climate, which provides a slow maturing process adding to its flavor. This blue bourbon variety of Arabica coffee provides a balanced and rich body of honey notes and fruit thus delivering a delicious cup of coffee. 

      We ask you to support us on our path of “self-reliance” by purchasing our coffee and sharing it with your family and friends. 

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     We're a team of professionals that are driven by the need to change the lives of every woman that is involved in the coffee value chain. 

     As we aim at transitioning and positioning ourselves as the best delicious coffee company, our team remains committed to the core goal of community service and giving back to the women that we work with.

Briggette Harrington
President & Founder

Miriam Asiimwe

Dan Kaguta N.
Brand Manager

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